8 Unique Hairstyles elderly




When it comes to hairstyle elderly, there are, no set rules and no one size fits all. All that matter is picking the perfect one that suits your lifestyle and tastes.

Hairstyles for senior women and men need to be straightforward and easy to care. However, they should not be boring or out of fashion.


1. Short and straight

This hairstyle is simple yet mature and can be surprisingly flattering. It is the best hairstyle for those with straight hair and love to keep their hair short and simple. You can add some add some shorter layers around the forehead and on top of the head for a great look. This is ideal elderly who love simplicity.



2. Long and Natural

Long gone are the days when long hair was thought to be for girls only. Even the older women can have long hair that is glamorous. Some people treasure their hair and find it hard to cut it short. So if your hair is still healthy and thick then why not keep it long and natural as you age? However, ensure that you regularly use an extensive conditioning treatment to keep it healthy and active.



3. Spiky style

This is an ideal hairstyle for the senior women who want to maintain their beauty without dedicating their time with superior styling. The spiky styling is popular among women, it only requires little maintenance while at the same time keeping you stylish. All that you need is a product like a pomade or gel to create a spiky look that will last all day long.



4. Gentle Waves

Gentle and soft waves give hair a feminine, and a beautiful look. This styling is typical for women with wavy hair and rather short hair. To achieve elegance, the front layers should be maintained shorter to frame the face while hair at the back can be kept longer in length. However, this styling is not only for women with naturally wavy hair. For women who prefer this styling but lack naturally wavy hair, waves can be created with a curling iron, curlers or hot rollers.



5. Natural curls

Short and natural curls are the perfect wash-and-go style. Natural curls require little maintenance, and it is a perfect match for casual and dress occasion.



6. No-Fuss Curls

No fuss style is easy to maintain when you have long tresses. All that you need is to have your hair cut to one length and then permed. To add some styling, you can leave in conditioner or add some mousse, or you can use some light styling spritz. The advantage of no fuss is that you can leave it to dry after having washed it. Moreover, to keep hair out of your face, you can use headbands or clips.



7. Add some volume to hair thinning

Hair thinning is a common problem among the elderly persons. However, the volume is the key to solving this problem. To achieve the desired volume, lots of layers have to be added by an hairstylist. Also, letting the hair layers dry naturally will add volume, but for significant boost, one can use a blow dryer and volume boosting mousse to achieve more volume. You can also use full bangs to give an appearance of lots of hair.



8. Long layers

If you have long hair and want easier maintenance, you can add some layers. Slightly flipped curls not only creates a fresh feeling and a beautiful appearance for senior women but also adds a touch of modern style. To create this great style, use a comb while blow drying the ends of your hair. However, it is important to use a heat protecting spray before blow drying.



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