Best Hair Fall Treatment Recommended By Experts

Best Hair Fall Treatment Recommended By Experts



Do you know that hair fall is a common beauty problem for many people? There are myriad reasons for hair loss, and finding the exact cause of hair fall is very crucial in determining the most appropriate hair treatment. However, cosmetologists have established some factors such as menopause, childbirth, sudden weight loss, stress, pregnancy, diseases, side effects of medicines, lack of nutrition, as the common problems that cause excessive hair falling.

Hair fall could also be a genetic issue that is passed from one generation to another. So which is the best hair fall treatment that you should use? Here are safe treatments recommended for you:

1. Use of DHT inhibitors

DHT  is the abbreviated form of Dihydrotestosterone, is the cause of male or female pattern baldness (scientifically known as Androgenetic alopecia). Even though testosterone is predominance in men, it is found in traces amounts in women under normal conditions. Now, it is this testosterone that converts to DHT with the aid of an enzyme known as Type II 5-alpha reductase that is found on hair follicle oil glands. You might be asking, how is this associated with hair loss? The answer is simple, when DHT binds to the receptors in scalp follicles, it causes the hair follicles to shrink, thus making it impossible for your healthy hair to survive.

So to counteract this problem, it is advisable that you use hair products that have DHT inhibitors, there are plenty of this products in the market, and if this does not work perfect for you, there are three other treatments that you can try.

2. Use of hair growth stimulants

The second best hair fall treatment is the use of hair growth stimulant. So instead of trying to reverse the hair loss, you can use stimulants that will encourage our hair to grow more. Hair growth stimulants will facilitate new hair to grow. To achieve the best results, you can combine a DHT inhibitor with this stimulant.

3. Use of Antiandrogens

Antiandrogens also known as androgens inhibitors are available in the form of a cream and lotion. If you have a high level of DHT, this substance will reduce the effects of DHT binding to the hair follicles. Also, if hormonal imbalance causes your hair loss, then the androgen inhibitors will solve the problem when regularly used.

4. Use of natural herbs

Some of the natural herbs include : green tea, fenugreek, and coconut or castor oil. Green Tea is effective as it reduces the levels of DHT and Testosterone in the body. Green tea also contains polyphenol catechins which are effective in neutralizing particular enzymes that trigger hair loss.

Fenugreek seeds help in reducing balding and hair thinning, they also contain hormone precursors which contribute to replenishing hair growth and restore the hair shaft.

Scalp massage with coconut or castor oil done half an hour before taking a bath helps to prevent dandruff, dryness and strengthens hair roots thus reducing hair loss.


The hair fall is a serious problem that not affect the beauty of a person but also a cause of low self-esteem to many people especially women.

The above are some of the best hair fall treatment that experts recommend and have been proven to work efficiently.


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