The Best Seven Ways To Treat Alopecia Areata

The Best Seven Ways To Treat Alopecia Areata


Alopecia Areata


Try as we may, aging is one aspect of life that we cannot slow down or reverse. There are many things make us shudder when we think of getting old, but one that almost everyone dreads is hair loss. While hair loss may result from any of the several medical conditions, one of the most common causes is Alopecia Areata. The condition, which causes bald spots on the scalp, is usually as a result of toxins in the blood that make your hormones go haywire. Given the critical role of hormones in controlling hair follicle activity, having hormonal imbalances will make the vital functions that keep hair healthy such as shutting off and stimulating the follicle impossible – resulting in loss of the hair. If the hormonal imbalances are not treated early enough, it could lead to total hair loss.



The following are some of the best ways to treat Alopecia Areata



Traditional Chinese Medicine discovered that the cause of Alopecia Areata is liver and kidney dysfunction. So here’s the thing, if you can successfully eliminate the toxins from your body, you will have dealt with the hormonal imbalances in one stroke.

1. Liver Cleanse

The first thing that you have to do is to perform a liver cleanse. It is critical to remember that during this period (about two weeks) you need to keep off any drugs and supplements. Why you ask? Research has established that in some instances, alopecia is a result of taking pharmaceuticals, Asian mushrooms, seaweed, and algae supplements. To ensure a thorough cleanse of your system, avoid any toxins and give the body time to flush out the ones in the liver and the skin.

2. Supplements

After finishing your liver cleanse regimen, you would need to take supplements for about a month to stimulate the recuperation of the kidney. One key thing to note is that you should not take supplements during your cleanse but only after. Some of the supplements for kidney recuperation include Niacin, Chlorophyll, Zinc, Hemp Protein, Licorice, and Dandelion.

3. Lavender

Many experiments have established that rubbing of lavender on the bald spot can dramatically slow down or cause a complete reversal of Alopecia Areata. An essential oil, Lavender is so powerful that you should dilute it in coconut or almond oil before application onto the scalp.

4. Fenugreek

Research has established that Fenugreek, similar to essential oils such as Lavender contains hormone-stimulating components that could regenerate hair follicles damaged or made dormant by Alopecia. The organic compounds and proteins in Fenugreek seeds enhance the defensive capacity of the scalp to defend itself from hair loss, thus preventing the reoccurrence of the problem.

5. Herbal Remedies

Let’s face it some of the most effective remedies are not the scientific ones. Depending on where you reside, you can get access to all sorts of herbal remedies such as milk thistle and gingko that have been used to treat Alopecia Areata for ages. Thistle milk has been found to be an effective detoxifier, which protects the hair follicle from toxins that may clog them up. Gingko, on the other hand, helps stimulate blood circulation, thus encouraging new hair growth.

6. Onions

Onions are an effective remedy for Alopecia due to their high sulfur content that stimulates blood circulation and promotes hair regeneration. Their high sulfur content also serves as an antiseptic that kills off microbes on the scalp and on the follicle, which might cause hair loss. It is as easy as rubbing onion skins or applying its juice directly on the bald spot.

7. Aloe Vera

One of the most stimulating of plants known to man is the Aloe Vera. Apply Aloe Vera gel liberally to the bald spot from where it will be absorbed into the skin. It stimulates the hair follicle and significantly enhances blood circulation, encouraging hair growth.

Whatever method of treatment you opt for is up to you. Nonetheless, it is imperative to remember that the leading cause of Alopecia Areata is toxins that result in hormonal imbalances. It is always advisable to perform a liver cleanse and liver regeneration first before you undertake a treatment regimen. With all these options, you are sure to find one that works perfectly and gets your hair back as good as new.

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