Cool Hairstyles And How To Get Them (Cool Hair)

Cool Hairstyles And How To Get Them

A Short Guide To The Coolest Looks Of Today!


The way you wear your hair can say a lot about a person. A short slicked back style, like an undercut, can accentuate a nice suit or skirt for a young professional look. Or if you’re a little more rebellious maybe a short and choppy cut or a long and colored look suits your sensibilities a little better. Regardless of what your definition of cool is, it’s safe to say everyone is in the pursuit of cool hair.


Deciding : What that means to you and talking to your hairdresser about what kind of style best suits your individual features is an essential first step in looking your best with the cut your after. Below we’ll examine just a few of the different styles that can do away with lame and tame looks and give you the cool hair you want.


Walk like a Gangsta Short and Slicked Back :

The short slicked back look, in its many incarnations, can provide many different cool ways to style your hair depending on your mood or attire. The most famous cut in the short, slicked back family is the undercut. Popularized in the 20 s and 30 s and by modern pop culture as the ‘gangster cut’ from those eras, the undercut utilizes a tight or shaved look around the ears and sweeping hair on top to be slicked back. The look is great for men and women and can provide a professional look in the office while exuding confidence in the streets.






Mohawks and Liberty Spikes The Hairstyles of the Punks and Rebellious :

If you’re after something a little more outstanding from your hairstyle, something more brash with an in your face individualism, maybe a more rebellious, punk rock inspired cut is what you’re after. The most famous of this type of cut is obviously the Mohawk and Liberty Spike styles. With their huge hair span and much needed maintenance, punk styles can give you all the hardcore cred you can ask for but can be a little unwieldy for a day at work or a quiet dinner. With a little modification though, you can keep your punk spirit intact and have a cool cut for everyday life.



Color and Length The Secret to Pretty, Indie, Simply Cool Hair :

In recent years highlighting long and flowing hair with color streaks that promote natural shades have become a popular and simple way of achieving that low maintenance, high fashion look. The embree style, a look that depends on long wavy locks and changing color throughout, is perhaps the best known incarnation of this cut. The embree has been embraced by both men and women for a relaxed and suave look to their hair.




In conclusion

Though this handful of eclectic cuts may not represent the full spectrum of hairstyles to bring out your own sense of cool, these different looks can help give you an idea of exactly what it is you want. A classic short and slick cut, Or maybe a modern, colorful, and flowing style, Or to showcase your attitude with a punk rock tribute look.

Regardless of your definition of cool, we’re all entitled to peace, love, and the pursuit of cool hair.

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