Types of Hair Growth Problems and Their Remedies

Types of Hair Growth Problems and Their Remedies



The most shocking thing is that hair growth problems affect men more than a number of women’s. There are numerous causes for hair loss. Some of the most common causes of hair loss are aging, hormonal factors, hereditary factors, dandruff, stress, tension, pollution, exposure to direct sunlight, etc.


There are a number of very effective treatments for hair growth problems, all across the globe. Each type of treatment is suitable for a patient of a particular age, sex and health conditions.
Your hair loss could be the reason for your insufficient diet, deficiency of minerals, severe medications, stress or pollution. The above said are the reasons which affect your hair after birth, but there are genetic reasons also which affect your hair before birth.


Types of hair growth problems


Hair loss:

The problem of hair loss is more severe among men over the age of fifty due to hereditary problems. Medical treatments like Mesotherapy and medicated spa are very useful for such cases. It can also be cured by different treatments of hair loss.

Hair graying :

Along with hair loss, hair graying is also another type of hair growth problem. Dandruff is one of the major causes of hair fall and graying of hair. Dandruff can be removed from the scalp by applying for anti-dandruff shampoos and medicines.


Indigestion :

Indigestion and numerous other types of problems of the alimentary system are chiefly responsible for hair growth problems. Different types of drugs and medicines are prescribed by reputed dermatologists to recover from indigestion problem and get healthy hair.


Popularity of hair growth treatments


Hair growth treatments like natural, medicinal, Mesotherapy and spa treatments are popular all over the world, due to reasonable costs and huge benefits. The benefits are hair fall control, hair graying control, hair growth, reducing splitting of hair ends, increasing hair luster and removing dandruff. Hair oils and shampoo should be applied regularly for the best hair nourishment. Hair growth problems can be treated by regular maintenance of hair to give the most fruitful results.


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